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It Works! Global offers one-of-a-kind, safe, effective, and affordable products that will change your life. It Works! products are formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers who integrate innovative technology, strict quality standards, and the finest in diverse, natural ingredients into their work. The end results? A one-of-a-kind body contouring line, top-notch nutritional supplements, and a specially formulated skin care line that safely nourish your body and enhance your life.



Paraben, sulfate and overall junk-free, Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s product line includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, curl definers and stylers using renewable plant resources of aloe, coconut and olive as bases. The first product introduced was the wildly popular Curly Magic®. “We had daily requests from customers looking for a natural product to define, hold and elongate curls, Curly Magic® was the answer.” Wanting to satisfy every curl in the world, Extra Butter® was the second product launched for curlies with very dry, parched hair. It didn’t take long at all for Extra Butter® to join the ranks with Curly Magic® and soon after a complete line of products was launched.



Urbanbella Signature Series, a complete line of hair products specially formulated for natural curls



Pravana has an ancient Sanskrit meaning of “the source of all things” It all begins with ourselves. Pravana products are a unique hybrid of European artistry, ancient Mayan natural botanicals and innovation of American technology. The end result…a global fusion of excellence



Djea Natural Hair Spa offers our own locally made all natural hair care line of Loc Butter and Shea Tea Oil

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