Conversation with Dr.Megan Lebon ND | Holistic Approach on Hair

It has been a common problem that people experience dry scalp that causes dandruff. In an interview with Dr Megan, we will learn how the food we take and other factors like stress and allergies has a great effect on this problem.

Dr. Megan Lebon, a gastroenterologist is specialized in the digestive system. She believes that treatment should be done in a holistic approach taking into considerations the total aspect of a person the mind(psychological), body (physical) and spirit (spiritual) and believes that a person can learn how to help the body heal itself using various natural therapies.

She talks about the Holistic Approach on hair care. Most common problem with taking care of our hair is the scalp which is the issue of having a lot of dandruff and flakes. There are many factors to consider in having this problem . There is a close correlation between gut health in relation to your skin, nails and hair because gut is where health and disease begins.

The first that comes to her mind is not taking enough fish oil which can result in a lot of earwax and dandruff . Dr Megan recommends that we work from the inside, eat properly and get enough fish oil supplements.

Fish oil contains Omega 3 that has anti-inflammatory properties, it stabilizes the membrane of the cell . Our hair has follicles and they have cells that stabilize follicles . Omega 3 promotes anticoagulation. If the person has dry hair, blood flows generally l in their body is not good. The nutrients that are supposed to be distributed to our hair cannot get oil is a natural anticoagulant that promotes good blood circulation.

Another thing to consider is having allergies.

They are two kinds of allergies:

Environmental allergies ,allergic to pollen, trees and flowers.

Internal/Digestive allergies- Allergic to dairy, soy, peanut butter, corn.

Try to figure out which allergies we have and when it starts to flare we start sneezing? Is there a fluid going back to our throat or do we experience abdominal pain?

For Internal Allergies Dr.Megan used Diet Diary - it is a tool used to monitor the patient in 6 days. This includes the food they eat during Breakfast ,Lunch and Dinner. The patient tracks down the exact time did they eat what kind and how much food they have taken.The person has to write down the symptoms their experience, what time did it happen so that one will be able to see and correlate what they eat during that time.

Another factor is stress

Dr Megan wants us to figure out what’s going on in our body. Are we too stressed? Are we eating and drinking enough? Do we take supplements and do get enough sleep?

As a conclusion, whatever we eat has an impact and makes a lot of difference in our hair.We have to take care of the inside first because what we put in our body has a great effect on us.

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