Can the Blood-group Diet Help With Hair Loss or Longer Hair?

We always say that healthy hair leads to longer hair. We also think that a big part of any successful regimen is the nutrition. That’s what got me thinking: “Can the blood group diet help in the quest for longer hair?”

Blood group diet as popularized by Dr Peter J. D. Adamo is a concept that one should maintain a diet according to his or her blood type in order to be in optimum health. In this process of nutrition system, some foods are beneficial and act as a medicine to replenish the cell and fight threats to the immune system. While the foods that acts as poison causes allergies that lead to chronic diseases or illnesses that causes other health related issues.

Therefore if the theory of this blood group diet being beneficial to hair care and is supported by the fact that there are many who suffer from some type of illnesses and deficiency like those suffering from alopecia related to auto immune issues . chronic illnesses , anemia and simply those who suffer from slow growth could greatly benefit from this theory if proven scientifically to be true

There is a saying you are what you eat" and your diet affects your hair. This is already been recognized even by the top hair icons in the black community that much of to success they have is indeed credited to nutrition. Even us at BHI have talked about superfoods and how they assist you in your healthy hair journey.

The speed of hair growth is dependent on factors like, hormones, genetics and blood flow (the amount of oxygen and nutrient rich blood) thus if you find for the proper food intake of what are beneficial to your blood group , the greater the uptake of Minerals and nutrients to your blood, the greater the chance of self healing of the underlying factors of hair loss and attaining proper balance.

An article from the Trichological society and from Science Daily posits that the blood vessel hold the key to thicker hair growth and the other points out that increasing the flow of blood to the follicles is what should be credited with the increase of growth, but if the blood is weak or deficient in nutrients the results would be insignificant.So while the articles do not directly endorse the blood-group diet, based on the content they share could we see a link between their positions and a diet that aims to get the body operating at optimum performance by placing emphasis on the blood.

If this diet could somehow change their system and improve their quality of life, that would be awesome but I would recommend them to see first a naturopath and do the proper tests to ensure the diet is tailored to you specifically so that other things specific to your health can be captured in the analysis such things as pre-existing conditions, the naturopath would need to know before a diagnosis is made and a course of treatment is implemented.

I believe that the doctors among us should seriously look into how this could help. Even if they do rule the theory out, at least we would be a step closer in the search for remedies for those who suffer from alopecia and hair loss linked to chronic issues. Join our FB Group (Holistic Approach on hair) with this link:​ Visit our website at​​ or visit us in Conyers, GA to pick up your selection of natural hair products.Call us to schedule your appointment at 770-679-4657 .

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