Love Your Hair And Throw Out Your Products!

Too many products, too little time

One of the biggest issues Jasmine Norwood, stylist and curl coach at Djea Natural Hair Spa sees in her chair everyday is confused naturals who are self proclaimed "product junkies." They're often in search of the perfect naturally curly hair. This leads them to devouring hours of youtube tutorials and spending a small fortune on products that work for a minute until they stop.

Jasmine confessed that she can spot a client who uses too many products by looking for 3 simple things.

1. Dry hair that has a lot of buildup.

2. A strong sent in the hair of the product used.

3. The client telling her that they're trying to achieve the perfect curl.

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, no worries, this is a common place to be. There is a solution, and it's simpler and way more cost effective than you think.

If you're struggling to fight breakage or add moisture no matter what products you try, why not check your products for a few ingredients you should avoid. They could be keeping you from having the moisture and shine you need.

Ingredients To Avoid

Anything that contains the following typically give amazing results at first but cause breakage and dryness in the long run.

1. Sulfates | Sulfates are drying detergents that are found in a lot of shampoos and conditioners.

2. Silicones | These hard plastics provide shine at first but then create buildup and stop working over time.

3. Petroleum | These vaseline products don't allow the hair shaft or scalp to breath.

4. Mineral Oil | Much like petroleum in their blocking properties.

5. Parabens | While these products are great for preventing frizz, build up can prevent your hair from breathing and absorbing moisture.

So what is the perfect product?

The best product for your hair varies from person to person. If you have thick high porosity hair you might need something different than someone with finer low porosity hair. The trick is in finding the right ingredients and moisture level to keep your hair hydrated.

One other important thing to note is if you have high porosity use products with a low ph can help restore the hair while low porosity hair is best when treated with a something that will raise the ph level.

Hydration is one of the most important steps in natural hair. In fact, finding water soluble products with water as the first ingredient is one of the main tips Jasmine gives to her clients. She also recommends creating a healthy hair routine with a few staples.

The perfect staple items would be:

1. A non stripping Shampoo to gently cleanse your hair and scalp.

2. A Moisturizing Conditioner to add moisture and health back into the hair.

3. Botanically based gels such as flax seed gel or gels with aloe vera to add definition while maintaining shine and moisture.

4. Moisturizing cream. The perfect cream shouldn't be heavy or greasy, but the right consistency for your hair texture.

5.Protecting your hair at night with a scarf, bonnet, or silk/satin pillow case..

And that's it!

These 5 items are the base of an amazing healthy, simple and affordable hair routine.

Trade In Your Old Products!

Still feeling a little overwhelmed or confused?

Stop by our natural salon in Conyers, GA. We'd love to give you a free hair consult PLUS 10% our natural botanically based products in our Djea Natural Hair Spa Shop!

It's as easy as:

1. Book a consult online or giving us a call at 770-679-4657

2. Bring in your products for our stylists to review.

3. Trade them in and get 10% off any your items during your consultation.

We'll make sure your the items you give us are donated to a good cause,, and you'll be able to start a new hair routine that works for you!

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