Top 10 Natural Hairstyles

The "Jumbo Twist"

This protective side twist looks incredible, and according to creator MahoganyCurls, it's easy to do and makes the most of an old braid-out. Top with a little hair product—she chose Shea Moisture's curling gel soufflé—for a two-strand twist.

The Half-Back Side Twist

This half-back style is also up there and truly couldn't be easier (or cuter, but that's obvious). Take two small sections from in front of your ears, twist, and pin. Wear this look unadorned or dress it up with gold or rose-gold bobby pins (these Goody's are everything).

The Double Halo Braid

This braid style goes by the name halo, Dutch, goddess and milkmaid, but is always excellent, regardless of name. The best news is the gorgeous level (high) doesn't match up to the skill needed (low). Creator Kersti Pitre used Cantu's Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream to moisturize, then clip-ins for added bulk. The technique stays the same: Make a side part and French-braid each section toward the back, overlap, pin, and you're done.

Over-the-Eye Bangs

Curly bangs are an art form unto themselves. Between Zendaya, Kerry Washington, and Rita Ora, curly bangs are thriving right now—and the beauty of curls is your bang presence can depend on how tightly your curls fall any given day.

The Short-Hair Headband

When mornings are hard and you did, in fact, hit the snooze button eight times, sometimes simple is best. As is this accessory-based style that brings a bring pop of color to short hair by way of a cloth headband. And if you want to go one step more styled, pomades like Kinky Curly's Gloss Pomade and Mizani's Edge Taming Gel will give you a sleek finish.

The Twisted Lob

Between Lupita Nyong'o's opting for a similar style and this Pinterest ranking proof-positive, the twisted lob is your next need-to-try. Add in that twists are generally less time-consuming than braids, and you can vary the size so they don't put as much stress on your hair? Sold.

The Pinned-Back Front

For days when you just want something slightly different, Ana Lídia Lopes' pinned-back front section is a commitment-free choice. Put the shine products down for this one (or, alternatively, just throw some bobbies in your bag), because it looks best with some natural, soft texture.

The Chunky Twist-Out

Nnngh-level pretty. To get that perfect, soft sheen, one brand pops up across Pinterest: Cantu's Moisturizing Twist and Lock Gel keeps twist-outs defined with maximum bounce.

The Classic Afro

If it ain't broke, it'll show up in Pinterest's best of the best natural hair styles. Example A: full, gorgeous coils. Keep them moisturized and strong with a spray like Vernon Francois' PURE~FRO Moisture Spray, with just enough protein to keep your curls in a healthy place.

The Half-Up Pompadour

If your top layers aren't living up to expectations (or you just want your hair off your face), this pompadour is a lifesaver. According to creator Ezinne Chukwu, part your hair into four sections: one in the middle front, a smaller one on each side, and one section at the back. Gather the two side sections together with a hair tie, and keep the ends in like a bun. Then pin the middle front back, and sneak any leftover hair into the mini bun. Undo the back section, fluff, and you're set.

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